Friday, 29 February 2008

Feeling the earth shift with the seasons

Or not, to be honest. I didn't FEEL the legendary earthquake the other night. However, I realise now that I did hear it - a long low rumble in the distance. At the time I moaned that a Heathrow jet way flying way too low at 1am. Other reports mentioned pets reacting, or birds singing in the middle of the night - we happen to have a local Robin with a dodgy body clock that frequently wakes me at 2am or so, and near neighbours have an excitable puppy. So neither of those clues alarmed me.

Anyway, March is here, and with that the gardening year ups a gear. This weekend the Wartime Weekend Gardener instructs a further sowing of Broad Beans (I happen to like broad beans, so I'm not complaining) - this time one of the "Windsor" varieties.

Sow onions, or plant out sets. I love red onions, and will probably sow some seed of the variety Red baron, then plant out sets of the same variety later in the month. Also, sow leeks in trays or modules for planting out later in the year.

Which somehow brings me to the fact tomorrow is St David's Day. Have a glass of Brains, a bowl of Cawl or a slice of Tiesen Lap. The rugby team's doing well, Duffy's at No. 1, Cardiff are still in the FA Cup, and everyone's talking about Torchwood. And with the unveiling of the statue last week, the world has realised that one of the greatest comedians ever - Tommy Cooper - was also Welsh. We're being taken seriously for once.

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