Friday, 7 March 2008

Brace Youself......

Severe Weather Warnings make me sit up and take notice nowadays. The event is usually preceded by attempts to anchor vulnerable stuff - usually involving bricks or paving slabs, and followed by checking for damage and clearing up the mess. The morning after the "hurricane" of 87 i got a bus into work and was able to survey the damage from the top deck. Nowadays I'd be surprised if I'd be able to get more than 2 stops before the entire system shut down.

Four tier mini greenhouses are great if you don't have space for a proper greenhouse, but they are inclined to do a passable impression of a hot air balloon at the slightest gust. I'm hoping the paving slab on the bottom shelf will be sufficient for the storms due on Sunday night, as I have quite a few trays with seedlings emerging.

I keep having to remind myself that the house is about 200ft above sea level with mature trees all round. Add to that the clump of bamboo in next door's garden and the slightest breeze is going to sound like a gale.

So, instructions for this weekend for the WWG, if the weather allows, are to sow early carrots and early turnips.

It's the Cheltenham Festival next week, my signal to get really busy in the garden. I've managed to get a little ahead so far this year - I've even spotted a few celery seedlings emerging! But I digress. Cheltenham is special to me, although I've never been, I make a point of being at home for the week. Let's hope everyone one gets round safely, and Kauto Star makes it 2 Gold Cups. Can't help but wonder how things would have panned out if Best Mate was still around....

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mrsnesbitt said...

Cheltenham eh? My dad was a great horse race chap! Boy do I miss him...and the wins!