Friday, 15 February 2008

Things you can never have enough of....

Onions. Always plant twice as many as you think you'll need. If you think of the meals you cook that need an onion or two you'll realise they're a necessity.

Our new garden shed had handy struts and crossbraces in the roof for hanging onions and garlic to dry once they're harvested. At the moment it's adorned with branches removed from a rampant rosemary bush, filling the shed with a lovely scent and acting as an impact repellent.

But I digress. The Wartime Weekend Gardener this week instructs us to plant onion and shallot sets. Having rescued a few clumps of shallots from the old allotment, I've spent the past week or so potting up shallots - my favourite variety, Jermor.

Another suggestion is to sow the first row of carrots - an early variety, Nantes or Amsterdam. I'd be inclined to leave that for a couple weeks or so, especially with another cold snap forecast.

I haven't been to Camden Market for a few years - I don't really enjoy crowds these days. But I spent much of last Saturday night watching news coverage of the fire. Fortunately the area the fire covered was much smaller than the reports indicated, but the devastation in terms of people's businesses was enormous. In my day, The Hawley Arms had a reputation as a bit of a rough pub, but every mention of it was preceded by the phrase "celeb hangout". Mind you, as the celeb they were referring to in the main was Our Amy, I suspect her reason for going there was the dodgy geezers propping up the bar!

These days I seem to end up in pubs where the typical clientele are old men in flat caps, and their sheepdogs who usually have one more eye than their owner has teeth! (But the beer & cider is better than you'd get in Camden).

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