Sunday, 8 January 2017

The best way to keep to the plan is to make a plan

Well, the lamb casserole is slowly cooking away.  I'd phoned the butchers midweek to order a breast of lamb for this weekend.  I'd actually wanted a ham hock, but they had already sold out, so will pre order one for Howard to collect next week.  If I can keep to this, and just get the odd reduced aisle bargain from Waitrose or M&S (where you know it will be decent enough quality to be worth it) and freeze them, things will be much more ordered, and no more evenings when neither of us can face the kitchen so we end up having toast.

So I've made a Meal Plan template, and have already plotted out almost two weeks' worth of suppers & lunches - Sunday to Thursday cooking an evening meal that can be turned into lunch the following day, and something quicker on Friday & Saturday.

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