Monday, 2 January 2017

Start as we mean to go on

New year, new frame of mind?

Not really - just try to get motivated.

The past couple of years have not gone to plan (more of that as I post in upcoming weeks), so it's more a case of this year I won't let anything scupper my plans.

Sunday was a damp squib really.  Having been kept up half the night by neighbours having a party, in which they nearly managed to blow up their conservatory, we managed to get up late morning and get a couple of tasks done in the garden - cutting back the hellebore & epimedium leaves, and checking on the progress of my snowdrop collection - before the rain arrived and sent us back indoors for the rest of the day.

We spent the rest of the day reading through seed catalogues, trying to find one company that stocked all the potato varieties I want to plant this year.  So far no luck.

Today dawned brighter and crisper.  And much colder.  Taking advantage of the bright sun and a sheltered spot, we used the good weather to cut back much of the dead plant material in the front garden.  We even managed to cut back the clematis before it caught us out and sprang back into growth, which is a hopeful sign.  Either that or it's finally had enough and has, after one house move and 9 years fighting with the boiler flue (which is in the opposite direction to where we train it) and died.

We were our usual rebellious selves and had a spiced beef brisket over the festive season.  As in it really did last the week, from pot roast on Christmas Day to fried sandwiches on New Years Eve.  So to make up for that meat feast, tonight I made a carrot, lentil & barley soup that should do us for a couple of days at least.  Hopefully I'll find where the blender has been tidied to, and tomorrow lunchtime will be a smooth orange puree, rather than the orange fleck porridge it was tonight.

Very tasty though.

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