Saturday, 23 November 2013

Damn Beasties.....

A short while ago, there was panic in the more Farageist elements of the press about assorted immigrant spiders that were going to do for us all.  That was of course if the big freeze to end all freezes didn't get us first.

Now I'm never one to take any noticed of rags whose ethos is dictated by long dead Nazi sympathising founders, but this week has left my gardening activities delayed while dealing with a hole in my leg, courtesy of an insect bit that won't heal.  I've had the thing for a few weeks now and the damn thing has now left me with a centimetre diameter weeping pit in my shin.  Now, my days as a candidate fir Miss Lovely Legs of the Balls Pond Road are long gone, but this is pretty unsightly by anyone's standard.

I'm now on heavy duty antibiotics, with the advise that it should start healing in a week or two.  Thus I feel sluggish and slightly queasy, as if force fed cotton wool soaked in washing up water.  Even with a dilligent intake of live yoghurt, I am finding certain food totally unappealing.  (Which, granted, may not be a bad thing.  A couple of weeks free of carb loading may turn out to be a help, and in any case, tube travel at this time of year can be nauseating for anyone)  In the meantime, keep it clean and covered, and do everything to avoid getting any dirt in the wound.  Oh joy.  Back to two years back, when I was writing step by step instructions for Howard to do the gardening tasks I usually did.  Tomorrow's tasks - planting the last of the onions, garlic and shallots in module trays, and the tulips in bulb baskets.  (May have those from 2011, but will redo them anyway).

Anyway, it seems that there has been a problem with unusual insect bites this year.  My GP said he'd had to treat a lot more this year than for a while, but mine seemed to have been that latest by a few weeks.  I guess my habit of wandering a few feet down the garden path first thing while waiting for the kettle to boil may have something to do with that.   At least at this time of year that onesie and bed sock combo will provide something of a barrier to all but the most blood hungry beasties.

But look on the bright side.  I too get to do Movember.  On my right shin.


John Gray said...

Hope you are feeling about better x

Young at Heart said...

yikes....I'm near Balls Pond Rd hope the bugs don't come this way....hope leg better soon!!