Sunday, 10 November 2013

The pain has a name

Plantar fasciitis.

Two years after breaking my ankle, it's still giving me trouble.  Finally, my foot is no longer so swollen that my footwear choices are gravely limited, but I still feel nervous when faced with a new staircase.

Anyway, I finally (after 12 years) got referred to physio about my knee.  Turns out some ligaments have become too weak to keep my kneecap in place and sometimes after bending it doesn't pop back properly.  But after a couple of sessions and targetted exercise I'm seeing dramatic improvement.

Second session in, I mention how much pain I still have related to my ankle.  Physio decides that I can never regain full fitness until this is addressed.  With the help of a life size model of the bones and ligaments of the foot, I demonstrated how I fell, after which he says that I should have had physio straight away, and fixing the damage will be a long job.

My achilles is still tight, but the stretching regime is gradually working.  The biggest problem in the tendon in the sole of my foot, as it seizes up as soon as I rest.  So every time I get up, I have to stretch it so as not to hobble the first few yards I walk.  Not that easy on public transport, I can tell you.

He has, however, told me that I can get special insoles to ease the problem, and gave me a list of them.

Does not make you feel all that much better when all the "models" used in the ads are a good 20 - 30 years older than yourself.

Right, where's the Saga brochure?

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