Monday, 10 January 2011

Goal 1 - Re-embrace creativity

So instead of grandiose New Year's resolutions, in the darkness of Solstice Night, I scribbled down a list of goals to work towards.

First one to leap from my pen was make an effort to be creative.  Vague enough to mean what I want it to, and as previously stated, something I can gradually work towards.  I now make sure I have a notebook and pen close by at all times.  So when I'm sitting on the train, musing on bringing down the Daily Mail and the government in one fell swoop, I can distract myself by deciding what varieties of potato to grow this year.  Or if in the evening I'm sitting watching TV, even of the only decent thing on is something from two years ago, repeated on Dave, I can sit with a pad of squared paper, working of different combinations of raised beds for the uncultivated part of the allotment.

I often have weird dreams.  Really odd ones, not always involving me.  But with the amount of cheese I eat I guess that doesn't come as a shock.  So I've started writing down the ones that don't revolve around me going shopping in my jim jams.

Speaking of cheese, finally got round to making some more soft cheese.  Our local supermarket has something of a reputation for reduced items, and Howard popped in the other night for a few essentials, and noticed cartons of goat's milk for less than half price.  Over the weekend I turned it into soft cheese, using live yoghurt as the cheese starter.  Some will be used at breakfast tomorrow, I'll take some in to work for my colleagues to try, and the rest will become a pasta sauce, along with spinach, salmon and maybe some peas.

Next plan involves me finding my tin of blackboard paint.....

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Susan said...


Good for you for making the cheese! And good for you for writing down your dreams. If you've ever seen "The Artist's Way" by Julie Cameron, this constitutes Morning Pages and is a step on the road to increased creativity!