Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Come and say hello

I was checking the postings on the various blogs I followed, and I idly clicked on the link to stats for my blog.  Seems like you like me best when I write about cheese!
When I looked at the info for audience, I was amazed at the numbers of countries I’ve had views from.  Places I can’t imagine having anything in common with me, and I wouldn’t in my wildest dreams imagine being able to visit.
So for those of you in Chile, South Korea, Slovenia, China – in fact, everywhere – leave a message to let me know how you came to read the blog, what you do, what you have in common, and any ideas you think I’d like to explore.
Two key actions we can take to help ourselves and other are communicating and sharing, be it objects, ideas, or information.  So leave a message, join in and keep in touch!

1 comment:

gz said...

It is fun seeing where they are all from (I'm in Wales)and discussing things, encouraging each other.
Fun seeing the verification word sometimes too-sometimes nearly makes sense, or should be a real word!
today's word...basitsa