Sunday, 18 March 2018

Cabin Fever - Slight Return

Well, this has been the coldest Winter for some years here on the northern reaches of London.

We're in the midst of our third bout of snow, with more due later today.

Good thing I got busy with seed sowing ahead of time.  I have plenty of trays safely tucked under cover in my mini greenhouses, plus trays & pots of onions, garlic & shallots stashed outside to allow the cols snap to kick start them into growth before planting them out at the allotment as soon as the soil is ready to take them.

The cold and wet has meant it is slow going at the allotment, but as we are switching to no-dig, it should get easier.  Even so, Howard has been busy making a new set of compost bins (as per an old Lawrence Hills book I found), and every time a batch of wood chip arrives has been layer down some as paths between the beds, which makes everything look neater, as well as easier to walk on.

I finally got out of the house without using my walking stick as an aid.  Was tiring, but I felt able to handle things OK.  I think having both hands free was a great help.  Now the cold is back it feels a bit sore, and I shan't risk the ice for fear of tipping over.

Instead, I shall take advantage of this enforced indoors time to catch up on the Civilisations TV series, and sketch out planting plans for the fruit beds.  Spring is just a matter of days away, and the sap is well & truly rising!

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