Sunday, 31 December 2017

Where did that year go?

So - my last post was on 5th May - full of optimism for the growing season ahead.

Three days later, I tripped and fell as I was politely stepping out of someone's way.  At the time, I was more worried about bits of gravel embedded in my hand, but the next morning I woke, and was barely able to move without incredible pain. Hospital was certain it was sciatica, gave me an injection and sent me home.  But for the next couple of weeks I was virtually bedbound, progressing to housebound, through to unable to get out & about unaided, and on to my current unsteady on her feet & unable to climb stairs in comfort.

After assorted blood tests, x-rays, & scans, I was told I had deterioration to my lower spine, which was pretty worrying, so I got sent (eventually) to a specialist physiotherapist.  Finally got my first appointment in early December, at which she reviewed the reports & scans, to tell me that there was nothing wrong with my spine - the "deterioration" was just normal wear & tear.  All the weeks being extra careful not to inflict further damage had been pointless.  Guess this is what happens when the scans are farmed out to private companies who want to justify charging the NHS exhorbitant rates.

What I had suffered was muscle and ligament strain, and once the initial inflammation (which caused the original pain) had gone down, my body was tensing up as if expecting another fall.  So my muscles were tighter, hence making it harder to get mobile.

So I'm now on a slow arc to recovery - lots of gentle exercise, much stretching, plenty of walking, as I build up confidence to face the outside world without a walking stick.

Though the stick comes in handy when you want the bus to stop for you.

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