Sunday, 8 January 2012

Normal life is starting to be resumed

Started back at work last Tuesday after two months at home with my broken ankle.  Doctors aren't totally happy with the healing of the bone, but are giving me two weeks up and about, then if the bone is still slow to close up, I'm back in a plaster cast and on bed rest again.  Hopefully if I take care and rest when I can, I'll retain my freedom.

I'm working part-time (avoiding rush hours) whilst still in the plastic cast, and using a ground floor office for the same reason in case of fire evacuation.  Some of my usual duties involve running between offices with files and paperwork.  As this is not practical for me to do at the moment, my colleagues are doing this for me, and I'm covering  them in some of their tasks.

One of the best things about my return was knowing how much I was missed - not just by my immediate colleagues, but also by everyone from the canteen staff through to senior managers, who stopped to ask how I was and wished me well.

Because I'm still not mobile enough to rush around in the lunch hour, I have to make sure I take lunch in with me.  And due to the logistics of getting to and from a room with a microwave, for the foreseeable future it will have to be salad, sandwiches or soup in a flask.  This will hopefully save me some money over the next couple of months, which can be channeled into "productive" home based projects, such as more fruit trees and maybe later on this year adding more hens to the flock.

It's back to normal with the hens too.  After spending the late Autumn moulting, they are now all feathered up again and laying regularly.  We're starting to almost have a surplus of eggs, so this Saturday morning we had a six egg scramble for breakfast, and midweek Spanish omlettes are back on the menu, maybe even taking some in with salad for lunch.

Once I'm mobile I may lapse if I have errands to run, but it's a habit I want to keep.

I also want to set more time aside for writing.  I would normally take an overground train to work.  Quicker but I have to stand most days.  At the moment I'm taking the bus to the tube station, which is slower, but as it's near the start of the line I can get a seat in the morning.  I'm going to make sure I have a notebook with me and make good use of the travelling time.

I must admit I do find walking on my own quite tiring still, and I have to be very careful as the pavements are nowhere near level enough to walk without looking at the floor most of the way.

But as long as I'm careful and take my time, I'll be back on two feet by the Spring.

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Jo said...

Your ankle is certainly taking some time to heal, fingers crossed that the next fortnight goes well. It's nice to know that you've been missed at work, it does make you feel appreciated. It must be lovely having a surplus of fresh eggs again, my mouth is watering at the thought of all the delicious things you'll be able to make with them.