Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Confined to quarters

Forty nine years and three months.  All that time I could proudly say I had never broken a bone, thanks to including quality dairy rich foods in my diet.

Well that's over.  Last night I slipped in the dark on the way home, and turned my ankle so badly I have fractured it.  Spent most of the evening in A&E, before being sent home with a temporary plaster cast.  That was taken off today, but due to the ligament damage I'd also done, my foot was too swollen to have the proper cast, so I have temporary cast No. 2 on for a week.

Been given crutches which are impossible to use on a slope, so stuck indoors for now.  Actually, stuck upstairs, and the stairs are near impossible to negotiate alone.

Suspect I may do a good impression of Jack Nicholson in The Shining before the six weeks are up.


Cottage Garden said...

What bad luck, but this type of injury is so easily done. I once pulled a muscle in my back resulting in a spasm lasting over a week - just by changing the sheets!

Good to see a post from you - if only it were not under such circumstances! Sending positive thoughts your way for a speedy recovery.


Anna said...

Oooooouch - I feel for you. The words painful, a shock to the system, frustrating come to mind. I am sure that though that only goes someway to summing it up. Hope that you have a got a stock of good books and seed catalogues etc. upstairs :) Take care and I hope that you heal as quickly as possible xxx

Blue Shed Thinking said...

I have books, notebooks (including squared paper), pens, pencils, assorted seed catalogues, dvd's and the internet within reach. Howard has done me a huge flask of hot water and provided a teapot, teabags and milk to get me through until he gets home. He has also done me a flask of soup, sandwiches and cubes of cheese. I should get by.

Due to being on a steep slope, when we moved here, the only place the Freeview box would work was in the front bedroom, so the tv ended up there. Even though we are now on cable and the old set was replaced earlier this year, the bedroom still seems the best location for it.

Just feel a tad frustrated. Last time I was off sick for a while, the most important thing was to keep exercising. This time I'm not supposed to be moving about even as much as I am.

Ah well, only another five weeks and five days.....

The Caked Crusader said...

how awful - you have my sympathy. HOpe you have a successful and as painless as possible recovery

Denise said...

So sorry about your ankle, though I had to snicker about doing a Jack Nicholson impression from being stuck inside!
I've been fortunate because I haven't broken any bones either, but did something to my knee (don't know what) that kept me from doing much gardening this summer. It's better now and hoping it'll stay that way because when spring gets here again, I plan on some serious digging and planting!
Take care, and I hope you have a nice weekend. :)

visiting from Down To Earth

Leslie said...

Sorry to hear of your accident, but it sounds like you are nesting well. I'm visiting from 'down-to-earth's on my mind'. I especially like reading blogs from other parts of the world. I live in California. On my mind today -- Fresh eggs!