Sunday, 23 May 2010

New uses for old "rubbish"

Have spent the afternoon helping Howard make raised bed vegetable planters from old Ikea shelves. We have a load of Sten shelves (like the current Gorm basic shelves, but slightly different dimensions, so the two don't fit together) which have been stored until we could think of a use for them.

Four shelves made the sides of a 90cm square planter, and the bases are made from some clean pallets that Howard 'rescued' and broke up at work. Just need to line the insides with mypex which we have stored at the allotment and they'll be ready to fill & plant.

By making two 90cm planters, I now have something to go down the middle of the garden between the extended shade bed one side, and the row of mini greenhouses on the sunny side of the garden.

Looking at the price of similar planters, we've saved at least £60, and have the material to do a few more.

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