Friday, 18 April 2008

Better news - for now

First things first - good news on the Amersham rescue ponies & donkeys. They can stay at their rescue centres for the time being. But it's a story that still needs watching, because I suspect if the final decision goes against the best interests of the animals, efforts will be made to keep it out of the public eye.

Yet again, the weather is on the turn for the weekend. Fortunately, the instructions in The Wartime Weekend Gardener could count for next week as well:

Sow celery under cover. Celery can be slow to germinate, and too much hard work for a novice gardener unless a self-blanching variety. But it's such a useful vegetable that it's worth the effort.

Sow cauliflowers for Autumn and Winter harvest. This is where a variety like All the Year Round proves good value, as the seeds not sown earlier in the year can be used now.

Start sowing annual flowers. As well as brightening up the plot, or even providing an element of disguise, many of these flowers are useful for attracting beneficial insects for pollination and keeping pests down.

It's probably too late now for Sweet Peas, but they can be bought as young plants. French Marigolds, in particular single flowered varieties, are essential. I also like Escholzia and Cosmos, especially the variety Purity. Nasturtiums not only provide flowers for colour, they also have edible flowers leaves and seeds, though keep an eye on them if you want to eat them - they are also useful as a "sacrificial" plant, drawing blackfly and Cabbage White butterflies away from crops.

Hope the rain stays away, and if not, washes away "Le Stink"

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